Friday, May 14, 2010

~: Education System :~

Hurm, sem ni ramai kawan-kawan sekeliling cam berlumba-lumba nak naikkan pointer, siapkan project kejar coursework mark yg tinggi dan sebagainya, hurm rasa-rasa setiap sem.

Uniknya ada seorang teman sepermainan dari foundation nih, dier selalu igtkan pasal abolish education system. hurm ..

BAgi yang dh tgk cerita 3 idiots try hayati dialog dibawah..

*Now rewind 1 minute of life a bit and think*

*When I asked this question*

*Anybody thought that today we will get something to learn new*


* *


* *

*Everyone sunk in race*

* *

*What's the use if you come first studying like this?*

* *

*Will you improve your knowledge? *


* *

*Only pressure will increase*

* *

*and this is a college not a PRESSURE COOKER*

* *

*The lion in the circus also learns to sit on the chair fearing the whip
held in his owner's hand*

*but we call such a lion as well trained, not well educated*

Jdi jom fikir-fikirkan, adakah nk jd well educated atau well-trained ?? or both ??

Jawapan kat tangan masing-masing...

Hikmah itu milik org islam, mana jumpa ambik yer..

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c's said...

i need to be well trained n well educated T_T .. regardless of the circus whatsoever, it's how lion of life going to roar :P